High vacuum insulated transfer lines (VIP)

Vacuum-In-Pipe transfer lines

Criotec design and manufacture high vacuum insulated transfer lines for all types of cryogenic fluids (Liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, Hydrogen, Helium). The transfer lines are VIP lines (Vacuum-In-Pipe) with high vacuum and MLI (Multi Layers Insulation)

The cryogenic transfer lines are sized by our engineering department depending on the flow rate necessities, as well the layout within the hospital (bio-bank) or factory where the lines need to be installed. In case of necessity an on-site visit will be performed before the design activities.

The cryolines could be provided with all the necessary accessories for the proper functioning, like high vacuum insulated flexible hoses, cryogenic valves (manual and / or regulation), pressure safety valves, temperature and pressure sensors, bypass group, automatic cooldown system, phase separators, etc.